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“This is what I worked for”

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Check out this great video from FIS featuring Bernadette Schild. There are some really cool examples of her doing balance training and talking about the importance of training AND having diversified training as a young child. But most importantly, she talks about how rewarding skiing can be after a hard summer of training – knowing that you’ve done all you can to be your best.

Post-Plane Hotel Gym Workout!

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Hey guys, I just got back from a sweet ski camp in Chile. I did this workout post-flight with limited equipment. It’s a great bodyweight workout option if you are staying in a hotel, or have limited access to a gym. Turn up the music and sweat it out for the next hour!

20 mins jog (warm-up)

Lower body lift (x2 sets) Bodyweight

  • Single leg squats on a bench : 8 reps/side
  • Hip Thrusts with DB on a bench : 10 reps
  • Bench single leg Step up jumps : 6 reps/side
  • Single leg Hamstring Curls on Swiss Ball : 8 reps/side

Core Circuit: (x2 sets)

  • Pilates Roll ups on mat: 20 reps
  • Pole vault hip raises (hold on to a sturdy pole): 15 reps
  • Pikes on Swiss Ball : 15 reps
  • Side Planks with hip raises: 15 reps/ side

Welcome to Alpine Strength!

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Welcome to Alpine Strength! From now on, we will be updating you via this blog page. We can’t wait to begin training for this season with all of you! We will continue to update this page with personal news from Marie-Michele and some of her training secrets/sucesses! Thanks for joining in the fun and looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone!